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Casey Cardinia Business Hub, Level 2, 66 Victor Cres, Narre Warren VIC 3805


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Casey Cardinia Business Hub, Level 2, 66 Victor Cres, Narre Warren VIC 3805

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We are privileged to work on a variety of exciting, innovative and challenging projects.

2015 -

iAwards Victorian Merit Recipient

2016 -

Casey Cardinia Business Awards: finalists in the New Business category

Zain Digital Awards

How We Work

Over the years we, have refined our policies, procedures and business processes, improving every step wetake, incorporating customer feedback and adapting new technologies and market trends.

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Professional Team

Our team of professionals are highly qualified, future curious and award winners both at the individual and team levels. Our vision is to help businesses realise their potential utilising our expertise and skills.

Meet The Founders

George Zeidan MBA, MSc, DIC, BEng

Managing Director

George Zeidan has over two decades management experience working for large multinational firms across the Middle East, United Kingdom and Australia. He is the co-founder and current Managing Director of Melbourne-based Zain Digital, a leading digital marketing agency with a multinational workforce.

George's areas of expertise span many industries and professional domains including electronics, engineering, business analytics, sales and marketing, information technology, business networking, and project management, among many other areas. He has managed all aspects of the supply chain, with extensive experience in manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and retail.

George is passionate about developing customised digital marketing solutions that embrace the opportunities of the digital marketing age. From designing full system integration solutions for large and complex businesses, to building e-commerce shopfronts, beautiful and dynamic websites, innovative mobile applications and social media strategies, George is driven by the success of his clients and is well known for devising leading edge technical products.

George is a strategic and multi-dimensional thinker who challenges the status quo to bring the potential of the future into the reality of today. His passion is to find business solutions that optimise outcomes for clients through a unique fusion of information technology, electronics and digital marketing to make life easier, simpler, better.

Achievements & Awards

Ricky Verkaik BDes (DigMedia)

Creative Director

Ricky Verkaik is a digital media, design and brand specialist setting a new standard in modern visual communication solutions for business. Entrepreneurial by nature, Ricky has been in business since his university days. This began with establishing a graphic design studio, 1000pixel, in 2010, then co-founding and becoming Creative Director of Melbourne based Zain Digital.

His expertise spans all areas of online and offline visual communications from corporate identity branding to web and mobile applications design, and designs for all printed media applications.

What sets Ricky apart is his passion for creating designs that are not only beautiful and stylish but which also evoke an emotional response. It is his talent to convey the message of a product with clarity and feeling, and enhance the user experience through simple and engaging functionality, that achieves this personal connection.

He believes that building productive and long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect is the key to business success. This belief is reflected in the holistic and value-adding way Ricky approaches every project.

This means understanding the intended outcomes of each project and business goals of the client, now and into the future. It means asking lots of questions, conducting extensive research, brainstorming with other experts and ensuring that the final product leverages the unique point of difference of the client's brand in the mind of the customer.

Ricky's drive to keep abreast of the latest trends and embrace innovation results in high quality, customised visual communication solutions for his clients, giving them a distinctive image and competitive edge in the market place.

Achievements & Awards

Are you ready to transform your vision into reality?

Some businesses are born to lead. They stand out in the market place because mediocrity is never an option. They see the bigger picture. They are curious about the future. They are bold in pursuing innovation. They are supremely focussed on delivering exactly what their customers want and need.

If your desire to embrace the opportunities of the digital marketing age matches our passion to deliver innovative digital marketing solutions that evolve with your business, we could be your perfect strategic partner.

Our dedicated team delivers a unique fusion of strategic and innovative digital marketing and visual communication expertise to transform your business problem into an opportunity, your good idea into a great idea, your vision into reality.

At Zain Digital, we pride ourselves on doing things differently. We are future-curious by nature and design. By asking "what if?", we think about the future potential of every idea and have the courage to explore what could be.

We engage you in a journey of discovery that challenges what might need to be refined, adapted, integrated or reinvented to build a scalable and sustainable digital solution for your business.

Extensive research, prototyping and testing sits behind every quality digital solution we build.

Through our strategic partners, we bring together the best strategic marketing, professional communications and logistics expertise to provide a holistic approach to your business operations and marketing needs.

We invite you to experience the Zain Digital difference, transforming your vision into reality.